Crowdlinks is a innovative random Faucet rotator website which put forward a totally new Faucet reflinks sharing system: the crowdlinking.

But, what is the crowdlinking? This is a faucet sharing system based on the "use to share" principle, aka the idea that the user has to use faucet reflinks of other users before to be able to share its own faucet referral links to others (so, add its reflinks into the rotator). The aim of crowdlinking is to make faucets profitable to everyone: as much to the faucet users, faucet sharers than the faucet owners. By using this system, everybody is winning!



Though the rotator gathers the best faucet websites, Crowdlinks offers to the users two amazing advantages which it is not possible to see in other rotator services:

1. Into its random rotator process are hidden some Forms who allow to users to add their own faucet referral links to the rotator. This is croncretly the crowdlinking system! The aim of this method is to increase the potential of using of our faucet services; more the users use faucets of this rotator, more they have chance to find forms and to add their own faucet referral links into the rotator. And that's not all, more the users use this rotator, more this one is profitabe for faucet users, faucet sharers and faucet owners, so to everybody! The sharing idea is the first key of Crowdlinks service. 

2. A special faucet randomly appears in the foreground of the rotator within a period of 48 hours. This special faucet, named Awesome Faucet, allows to 5 lucky users to claim 10,000 satoshis each. So, use Crowdlinks rotator, add your own faucet links to the rotator and stay tuned; the Awesome Faucet can appears everytime! The quality and lucrativity of our service is one of the main prioties of Crowdlinks.


"More you rotate, more you have chance to find Forms which allow you to add your OWN faucet reflinks to the rotator!"

*Users have 20% chance to find a Form into the rotator which allow them to add their own faucet referral links to the rotator. They can fill a form once time per IP. Each Form is totally resetted 1 to 3 times per day. The rotator contains 5% of sponsored links.